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Wireless Dog Fence With Collar

Wireless Dog Fence With Collar

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The Wireless Dog Fence With Collar is specifically intended to keep your dog secure and happy within the yard. It combines a wireless fence and a training system into a single gadget. We make it simple, effective, and economical for anyone to get started.

Let Your Dog Freely Explore The Yard

We adore dogs. We consider them to be more than simply pets; we consider them to be family. We shouldn't confine them to a fence while we ensure their safety.
This issue is perfectly solved with our wireless fence collar. It is a balance of freedom and safety for our four-legged pals.

The Electric Dog Fence System is a dependable and safe pet training tool that creates a boundary to protect your dog from wandering off your property.

It eliminates the complexity of wiring and makes it very easy to establish a safe place for pets to walk around in.

Safety of Our Loved Dogs is Not A Problem Anymore

The usage idea is straightforward. The transmitter will track your dog's distance by delivering repeated signals to the receiver linked to the dog's collar

When the collar gets a signal from the base unit, it is still believed to be within the safe zone border and no correction is sent off.

If the collar stops receiving a signal for any reason (for example, the collar leaves the boundary, the signal is blocked by an obstruction, or the transmitter battery dies), the collar is judged to have left the safe zone and will enter the working mode to send off the correction.

Simple and Easy To Use Adjustable Design

Do you have a large or little dog? Not to worry! The collar may be adjusted from 6 to 28 inches, making it perfect for dogs of all sizes.

The updated dual antenna has greatly enhanced area coverage and signal stability. When utilizing our collar, no internet or Wi-Fi is required due to the built-in 2.4GHz transmission.

The transmitter's radius can be adjusted between 80ft and 1640ft. The distance may be affected if there is a wall or building between the transmitter and the receiver, or if there is any other signal interference such as cars, trucks, trees, or metal objects.

The base unit should be placed 1 meter above the ground and in an open area.


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