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Premium Large Black Metal Bread Holder Storage Box

Premium Large Black Metal Bread Holder Storage Box

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Keep your loaves of bread fresh for days by using our premium bread box. Equipped with a bamboo lid, the vintage bread box creates the perfect environment for your bread to retain its moisture while you slowly consume it throughout the week.

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Formed with galvanized steel, the farmhouse bread box is large enough to contain a full loaf of bread with extreme ease. This way, you'll be able to store enough fresh bread to last you until your next grocery run or until you bake a new batch of bread.

Not only does the bamboo lid cover the top of the bread holder, but it also turns into a cutting board. All that you have to do is to flip the lid over and you'll have the perfect flat surface to slice your bread over.

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Carrying the large bread box has been made simple due to its sturdy handles that are fitted on each side. Look forward to eating fresh slices of bread each time you open up the metal bread box.


GOOD VENTILATION - Our bread storage container keeps loaves of bread moist while letting them breathe for optimum freshness. It also slows down the formation of mold so that you'll be able to consume the bread before it goes bad.

NON-TOXIC - Made with high-quality steel, the black bread box is safe to use with food no matter how long you keep your bread in it. The bread won't absorb any dangerous substances from the bread box since it is fully toxin-free.

DURABLE - This vintage bread box was designed to be highly durable even after repeated use. Popping it into the dishwasher for cleaning won't be a problem as well since it can withstand the cleaning intensities of any dishwasher.


Material: Galvanized Steel, bamboo
Measurement: 12 in x 5.5 in x 6.7 in


1x Farmhouse bread box


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