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Full Coverage Heated Winter Car Seat Warmer Cushion Pad

Full Coverage Heated Winter Car Seat Warmer Cushion Pad

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Full Coverage Heated Winter Car Seat Warmer Cushion PadFull Coverage Heated Winter Car Seat Warmer Cushion Pad 

Make winter driving feel so much more comfy by equipping your car seat with the Heated Car Seat. Our heated seat cover provides you with a reliable heat source when you're driving around during the cold seasons.

heated seat

Our premium heated car seat cover comes with built-in tensile and corrosion-resistant heating wires that last a very long time. Not only that, but the car seat warmer fully heats up in just 3 minutes.

To make things better, the seat warmer comes in a universal design that fits every type of car seat. This heated seat cushion keeps your back and butt warm throughout your whole ride.

heated car seat pad

Best out of all, the heated chair pad is ultra secure, preventing it from moving or shifting. Make driving feel like a comfier experience with the heated car seat cushion.


Drive with ease and comfort during the winter with this premium heated car seat!

  • Provides your body with full coverage heating 
  • The built-in wires provide you with a reliable source of heat during the winter
  • Heats up from 30℃ up to 60℃ in temperature 
  • Made with premium and Breathable outdoor material
  • Delivers heat to your back, waist, butt, and thighs
  •  Anti-slip and Wear-resistant build
  • Can be used on car seats, office chairs, couches, and more 
  • Relieves sore muscles, body pains, and overall fatigue 
  • Compatible with all cars, trucks,vans, SUV's and RV's 
  • Lighter Attachment connection


Material: Composition Fiber Fabric + Mesh Cloth + Sponge Filling
Voltage: 12V
Power: 45W
Temperature: 30℃-60℃
Color: Black
Item Size: 96cm x 47cm /37.8in x 18.5in (L x W)
Cable Length: Approx.3.6ft
Item Weight: 378g/0.83lbs
Packaging Size: 47cm x 38cm x 2cm/18.5in x 14.96in x 0.79g (L x W x H)
Packaging Weight: 383g/0.84lbs


1x Heated Car Seat Cover
6x Hooks
1x User Manual


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