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Charging Heated Vest + Power Bank

Charging Heated Vest + Power Bank

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Protect Yourself From The Freezing Cold With Our Heated Vest 



⭐️Heated Vest Deluxe⭐️

Even in the harshest cold, the Heated Vest Deluxe Unisex gives you everything you need to stay warm without adding extra bulk from layers of heavy clothing. It features a chic unisex appearance and is totally powered by a USB power supply, making setup simple.



Most of the time, wearing bulky, heavy clothing to stay warm during the bitter cold of Autumn and Winter just wouldn't cut it. This vest is unquestionably a necessity that you shouldn't skip whether you're out for a walk, riding a motorcycle, hunting, playing golf, or simply making your way to work.


How Does It Work?
The Heated Vest Deluxe™ Unisex is powered by simply connecting it to the included power bank. Keep the power bank in the designated pocket and you're all good to go. Easy, quick, and simple.

✔️ Discreet, Unisex, and Minimalistic

Avoid sticking out too much while keeping oneself warm. The Heated Vest Deluxe Unisex has a stylish and flexible design that can be worn in a variety of ways without detracting from the aesthetics of your outfit as a whole.

✔️ 4 Heat Elements Keeping You Warm & Toasty

Keep yourself warm and toasty with our 4 carbon fiber heating elements. 1 in the upper back, 1 in the collar area, and 2 near the front pocket areas (left & right).


✔️ Long-Lasting Warmth Up to 8 Hours

You can stay toasty for a staggering 8 hours with the Heated Vest Deluxe. Keep warm and comfortable the entire day without worrying. Three hours on high, five on medium, and eight on low heat

✔️ Perfect For All Occasions

Completely wind-resistant! Use it as you commute, ride your motorcycle, walk your dog, go hunting, or even take it to work. The Heated Vest Deluxe will serve as your go-to companion you should never leave home without, especially during the coldest of the seasons.

✔️ 3 heating modes

Whatever the weather or your activity, avoid getting cold! Your body will be at the perfect temperature whether you're riding a motorcycle, skiing, or just going for a ride. A battery of at least 10,000 mAh is required (5V, 2A). You can select the temperature that best suits your needs from 3 heating settings.


✔️ Completely USB Powered

Unlike most alternatives that feed on a large voltage of electricity to work, the Heated Vest Deluxe can simply be powered using the power bank through a USB connection. It only makes use of 5 v making it incredibly energy efficient as well.

✔️Battery Included

New generation portable battery for the Heated Jacket Deluxe (included)

  • Charging : fast
  • Port : USB and USB-C (included)
  • LED Display
  • Capacity :10 000 mAh



Package Includes:

1 * Heated Vest/Jacket,

1 * 10,000mAh Power Bank(5V/2.1A),

2 * Cable to connect the heated jacket vest and power bank,

1 * Cable for charging battery,

1 * Instructional Manual,


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