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Airing: Hoseless, Maskless, Micro CPAP Anti Snoring Device - Portable Alternative CPAP

Airing: Hoseless, Maskless, Micro CPAP Anti Snoring Device - Portable Alternative CPAP

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Traditional CPAP machines can reduce sleep apnea, however, their poor design causes sleep apnea patients to give up on them: 80% of CPAP users stop using it within one year! Airing - the top-rated micro CPAP - intends to change that with a revolutionary design that will work as well as any other device, and patients won’t have to deal with cumbersome, uncomfortable masks.  

Another reason patients give up on the traditional CPAP is that they get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly, because of its large size, it is very troublesome to clean… Not so with our alternative CPAP device: Airing. Airing is small in length and cleans very easily. Each Airing micro CPAP is designed for 6-12 months of use and is recyclable. As a result, each night time you get an easy tool. Airing additionally liberates you from the “mess” of uncomfortable straps and the noisy hum that each includes some other tool.

Airing’s design is a mixture of numerous inventions that makes it the best alternative CPAP on the market. The most notable are the micro-blowers at first meant for coolers for chips in computers. These micro-blowers are completely contained in the Airing tool, so there is no need for outside air hoses. Just “plug” the comfortable buds into your nostrils and breathe all night.

CPAP masks have a difficult time keeping a great seal on your face as you circulate at some stage in sleep. The hoses used by the typical CPAP mask drag around the bed, inflicting sleep disruptions. Our small micro CPAP is portable and creates a suction around the nostrils and helps with eliminating sleep apnea. Better yet, loud night breathing & snoring is eliminated. So what are you waiting for? Get this top-rated alternative CPAP device today!

Think about how revitalised you could be with not just one good night’s sleep, but hundreds of them. Think about health problems you will avoid. Think about the energy you will have. Think about how much more productive you will be at work, the potential car accidents you’ll avoid, even your golf handicap decreasing by 3 shots!! In short, think about how revitalised you will be when you start using Airing: The top-rated portable micro CPAP - to manage your sleep apnea.


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