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Ultimate Cake Decorating Supplies Tool Kit 219 pcs

Ultimate Cake Decorating Supplies Tool Kit 219 pcs

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Are you a baking enthusiast and in need of cake decorating supplies? Our cake decorating kit is the perfect bundle that can cater to all your baking needs.

best cake decorating kit

Not only does the cake decorating tools have dozens of decorative piping tips included, but it also comes with a cake stand that doubles as a lazy susan. With the lazy susan spinning at a full 360 degrees, you'll be able to seamlessly ice layers of cakes.

Equipped with a leveler, the cake tools give you the ability to easily slice your cakes to produce even layers. This way, you'll be able to create professional looking desserts in the comfort of your own home.

best cake decorating supplies 

Better yet, the cake accessories come with more than 200 parts that contribute to a better baking experience. Have all of your baking needs in one set by bringing our cake making supplies into your kitchen.


BEGINNER-FRIENDLY - You don't have to be a master baker to be able to create tasty and beautiful desserts with the cake decorating supplies. Each piece of the cake decorating kit is important to the cutting, icing and displaying of all your baked creations.

HIGH-QUALITY - All of the cake decorating tools were designed to provide you with a high-quality decorating experience. You can rely on the cake tools to stand the test of time, helping you design multiple cakes whenever you need.

MULTI-PURPOSE - Our cake accessories kit comes with hundreds of different pieces that serve a multitude of functions. You can even use some of the tools for other desserts like cupcakes, donuts, and muffins.


3x Russian Pipe Tips
48x Small Tip With Label
2x Trumpet Converter
1x Russian Purple Three-Hole Converter
1x Purple Scraper Set/3pcs
2x Small Flower Nails
1x Triangle Brush
1x White Scissors
1x Red Silicone Pen With Single Head 
1x TPU Pastry Bag 12 Inch
1x Yarn Bag
1x Icing Tips Square Box 
1x Anti-Slip Turntable (Blue Bar)
1x Colored Measuring Spoons(5pcs)
1x Blue Squeeze Pen
1x White Trowel
12x Silicone Muffin Cup (Sky Blue/Yellow/Red)
80x Colored Muffin Paper Cups
1x Purple Silicone Eggbeater
1x Layer Machine
50x Disposable Pastry Bag
1x Purple Plastic Straight Spatula 6 Inch
1x Purple Plastic Curved Spatula 6 Inch
1x 48 with Label+ Converter Manual


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