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Top Cosmic Globe - Top-Rated Flying Orb Fidget Spinner Toy

Top Cosmic Globe - Top-Rated Flying Orb Fidget Spinner Toy

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Get the hottest gift of the year! With This Space Age Top Cosmic Globe, the Whole Family Can Have Hours of Magical, Mesmerizing Fun! Limited Stock, Grab Fast! 



Durable. Rechargeable. Unlimited tricks. Use it indoors or out. Day or night. Watch it fly like magic! It’s crazy!

 "Dad, please return my spinner to me!"


My family has been starving for anything novel after over two years of living in close quarters with COVID and spending a LOT OF TIME together.

We've all found it difficult, but especially the kids. I have mixed feelings about them. I want them out of my hair, though—on the other hand!

My wife recently ordered us out of the home and instructed us to take a walk so that she could have some peace and quiet. So, around dusk, we made our way down to the neighborhood park.

While the kids played, I was seated at a picnic table looking through my phone when I caught a glimpse of a bright, floating radiance.

I noticed it was a hovering ball that appeared to be flying through the air in a wonderful way when I looked closer.

This object was being held by several children who were gathered in a circle. I couldn't really comprehend what I was witnessing because I had never seen anything like that.

It appeared to be travelling through the space between them and was quite bright. It appeared as though they were playing catch until they simply let go of the object and allowed it to float in midair.

It was roughly the size of a softball and was illuminated by bright, flashing LED lights, which I discovered as I moved closer. To each other, they were able to "throw" and "catch" it.

One boy let it go, and as it gently floated through the air, it swirled, turned around, and returned to him! similar to a little, spherical boomerang

When we came home, we told my wife about it, and after the kids went to bed, I jumped on my computer and purchased 2 of them in an effort to prevent arguments among them over it.

Despite their persistent pestering, I kept my order a secret and let them believe I was still "thinking" about it.

A few days later, the Top Cosmic Globes showed in, and I was the first to open them. My wife and I played with one of them for about an hour before the kids got home from school.

There will be no more kids saying "I have nothing to do!"

No matter where you are—at home, in your backyard, in the park, on the beach, in your living room, or anywhere else—the Top Cosmic Globe is a lot of fun! It's entertaining if you only have 5 feet of room. Or it's even more enjoyable if you have a large backyard.

This amazing flying spinner returns to your palm like a miniature boomerang after floating, gliding, and climbing through the air. It's wonderful to play with day or night because it's cool to see as it lights up.

Watch out for the countless pranks you can perform with it. Since we received them, nobody has put it down.

It will, I promise, be the most amusing game, toy, or gadget you've brought home in a while. Additionally, it distracted my kids from their phones and video games. In addition, everyone is watching less TV.

Some of my children have mastered it! It's addictive to pick up new skills. I simply send them outside when they become very excited about it. even after dark!

 Cool Features:

  • Accessible and fun for all. You don't need to be skilled, tech-savvy, or athletic to enjoy yourself with the Top Cosmic Globe. Even the grandma of the child enjoys playing with it.

    To use it, simply turn on the flying LED spinner, hold it upright, shake it, and it will do the rest. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to start performing wild feats and tricks after giving it a hard or soft toss depending on what you want to accomplish.

  • Flashing, Bright RGB Lights. Three distinct colored RGB LED lights are built into the Top Cosmic Globe's design, and they'll follow your gaze as it soars into the air day or night. And even when playing outside after dark, the bright, flashing lights will ensure that it never gets lost.

  • Fast, Easy USB Charging. The accompanying Micro USB cord may be used to recharge the Top Cosmic Globe, which takes only 25 minutes to fully charge. Recharging for even a short while will allow you to resume playing.

  • ANYWHERE, Indoors or Out, Use It. Unlike other toys, this can be played with day or night, inside or outside, on a little or large field. It's also simple to control, so it won't get misplaced or broken. Take it to the park, play with it while relaxing in the living room, take it in the car or to work, or just use it to have some fun at work!

  • Fantastic for Children. Your kids will spend hours playing with The Top Cosmic Globe instead of the TV, video games, iPads, phones, and especially social media. The Top Cosmic Globe encourages conversation and laughter among group members. Even small children can utilize it because it is completely safe to grab with bare hands.


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