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Laser 303 - The High Power Laser Pointer

Laser 303 - The High Power Laser Pointer

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Shine your handheld laser at a point almost a mile away with Laser 303!

Long Range - You can flash your Laser 303 at a point a hundred yards distant even in broad daytime, but it really sparkles at night. You'll be able to point at things nearly a mile away in the dark!

Lasers can cause eye damage, especially more powerful lasers like the one produced by Laser 303, hence it should never be used by youngsters. As an extra bonus, it has a lock so that children cannot turn it on without the keys. Make sure to keep the keys out of reach of children!

Adjustable Focus - You can adjust the focus of the Laser 303 beams so that they narrow to a point at a specific distance. It's worth noting that doing so allows you to gently score dark things as well as shatter black balloons and ignite blackened matchstick heads!

Star Caps are optional! - For a modest fee, you can transform your laser pointer into a spectacular light show! Attach one of the star caps to your laser and watch it spread out into gorgeous patterns that are a sight to behold. This also allows you to illuminate a much larger area if necessary.



6.3-inch laser pointer
2 safety keys
* 18650 lithium-ion battery not included


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