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Cold Therapy Migraine Relief Cap

Cold Therapy Migraine Relief Cap

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  1. It is a velcro-adjustable stretchable compression headache hat and migraine mask that is guaranteed to suit any head, face, and eye correctly. Cold compression treatment for migraine and headache relief is provided by the most flexible and soft ice pack cap. Its slip-on design eliminates the need for unpleasant or messy ice pack inserts. We will give you a complete refund if you experience any pain while using it.
  2. The reusable migraine treatment hat has a 360-degree form-fitting design for greater contact and conforms to any portion of the head. It also helps with tension, nasal congestion, puffy eyes, inflammation, sinus pain, stress reduction, and anxiety release. Ideal for those who have migraines, headaches, or face tightness.
  3. It is already cold without being frozen since it is made of cutting-edge material and professional-grade gel. Non-toxic, odourless, thick solid gel maintains its coldness for a longer period of time when frozen, and is extremely comfortable to wear. Stretchable gel perfectly follows the contour of every type of head, tightly compresses the head, and allows more cold to penetrate for pain and stress relief.
  4. This migraine remedy provides complete cold compression covering for your head and is simple to customise for the ideal fit. Unlike hard ice pack inserts, its soft gel construction does not apply painful pressure to certain places. With this single-piece, elastic headache mask, you may comfortably sit or sleep in bed.
  5. High-quality migraine caps are made to last a lifetime with their sturdy design, multiple seams, and fine workmanship. The hot and cold therapeutic migraine ice head wrap efficiently supports and compresses the face, eye, and head to target all regions that produce pain, providing immediate pain relief for eye, cranial, facial strain, and stress. This is made possible by the flexible design.


  • Reusable head ice packs offer 360-degree natural pain relief from cold compresses for migraines and headaches, as well as for sinus, eye, tension, and inflammation. This will be the ideal method to lessen pain if you frequently get headaches or migraines.
  • The headache cap already has an icy sensation, so you can image what would happen if you freeze it for two hours. Deep penetration of the target region by the cold results in immediate alleviation.
    Secure and Simple to Use
  • Simply pull it over your eyes, face, and head and it will fit exactly with no gaps and no need to apply pressure to any particular regions, allowing you to rest in bed or on the sofa entirely hands-free. It is non-toxic, has no chemical scent, and does not need the use of ice packs.

  • Soft, stretchable and comfortable

  • 360° full coverage and form fitting

  • Creates a calm, cool, dark environment

  • Effectively relieves headache, migraine

  • Thick expert-grade gel, no smell

  • Flexible and leak-proof


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